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Hakiel Dance Academy dance groups are unique dance groups for youths who share a passion for dance and enjoy making progress. They train together several times a week and jointly go on summer training camps, because they can never get enough dance. They have some impressive achievements to boast, and we in turn are proud that these young champions train with us. What are the advantages of being a member of a dance group?

  • Development: as the children grow, they develop their bodies and personalities
  • Friendship: a place to strike friendships that will last for years
  • Positive emotions: dance means joy and vigour
  • We are motivated by success.
  • Family atmosphere and time spent with peers
  • Support from friends – we’re a team


Children aged 7 to 11

In spite of their young age SHADOW KIDS treat their dancing hobby very seriously. Ms. Anna Pacoch dedicates all her heart and skills to maintain the high standard of the group. In SHADOW KIDS the children grow, develop, shape their bodies and minds, and overcome obstacles. The training may be demanding, but we also experience many positive emotions and beautiful moments. The atmosphere is that of a family. We train three times a week, which means frequent meetings with friend and people who are full of passion and commitment. Who know? Perhaps your children will discover that dance is their talent and a passion of their life?


Our greatest achievements:

I place in the European Dance Days competition, hip-hop small groups, children no older than 11, 2013

I place in Riviera Cup, children small groups, 2014

II place in NATIONAL DANCE TOURNAMENT “FREESTYLE”, category: small groups, children 2012


II place in the “Ofensywa Tańca” (Dance Offensive) dance tournament, category: small groups, children, 2012


Youths between the ages 12 and 16


The SHADOW JUNIOR youth dance group is following the successful footsteps of the older children. With unequalled commitment Ms. Anna Pacocha takes care of the good physical form of the juniors during classes organized three times a week. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are SHADOW JUNIOR days at the Academy! Furthermore, the children go to two dance camps every year to expand their horizons. The high performance levels represented by SHADOW JUNIOR have been recognised at numerous national-level dance tournaments.

Our greatest achievements include:

PZTF Mazowia Grand Prix Freestyle Cup, Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, 2014

II place in the “Time for Dance” National Dance Tournament, small groups, juniors, Legionowo 2014

III place in the Riviera Cup, small groups, Juniors, 2013

II place in the VI Malbork European Dance Days, category: Hip-Hop groups, Juniors, 2012

I place in NATIONAL DANCE TOURNAMENT “Freestyle”, category: groups, Juniors, Bydgoszcz, 2012

I place Mikołajki WORLD DANCE WEEK, category: Hip-Hop groups Juniors, 2011

II place in “OPEN POLAND”, category: groups, Juniors; Warsaw, 2011

III place “IDOL OPEN” Polish Hip-Hop Cup, category: groups, Juniors, 2010

Participation in the European Championships, category: groups, Junior, Amsterdam, 2010


I place in the National Modern Dance Tournament, category: groups, Juniors “Bydgoskie Rytmy” (Bydgoszcz Rhythms), 2009


Youths of at least 16

Modern Dance Group focusing mostly on Hip Hop, but not only… We are here for development, training our bodies in jazz techniques. Something for the body and for the soul. The group was established in 2008 and the training and choreography are under the supervision of Ms. Anna Pacocha. We can boast numerous achievements during Hip Hop dance tournaments in Poland and abroad. In the 2012 KMP Olkusz competition our solo dancer, Emila Parol, won the title of Poland’s vice-champion in hip hop in age group 16+.



Members of the SHADOW Group not only participate in tournaments, but also participate in media projects, such as Disney’s “Violetta”, TVN’s “X Factor, TVP2’s “Pytanie na Śniadanie” morning program, “Mam Marzenie” (I have a wish) Foundation, ROMA theatre, RMF FM radio, The Canadian School of Warsaw, “Omega” Foundation, PLUs, and many others.

The training may be demanding, but we also experience many positive emotions and beautiful moments.


SHADOW means great passion and a way of life!

TA-BU Mini

Children aged 6 to 10


This group is composed of children training under the tutelage of Ms. Agata Piotrowska. During the classes organized twice a week, we train individual and group dance skills, as well as work in pairs. It is a great way to combat boredom and develop your passion for dance. Join TA-BU MINI, meet new friends!

Our achievements:

Children Sport Dance Competition, Warsaw 2014, Solo Hip Hop Performers, Debuts:

Age category: 2006,

II place – Milena Sawczuk

Age category: 2007,

I place – Gabrysia Guzowska

II place – Marika Stefańska

III place – Natalia Budzińska

V place – Wiktoria Piórek

VI place – Karina Franaszczyk

Age category: 2008 and younger,

I place – Hawryluk Kaja

III place – Siedlecka Maja


IV place – Sidor Jagoda


Youths aged 9 to 14

TA-BU is a dance group established in September 2013. They are training under the watchful eye of Ms. Agata Skowrońska, working to prepare themselves for participation in national-level hip hop tournaments, where they compete in solo, pairs, and small groups categories. TA-BU isn’t just about dance and hard work to which we are entirely dedicated. It’s also frequent meetings with peers, friendship, and lots of fun. Make your dreams come true with TA-BU!

We consider some of our greatest achievements to be:

Solo Hip-Hop Performance, Children Sport Dance Competition, Warsaw 2014

I place – Gołąbek Katarzyna, 2001-2002, C

I place – Opara Oliwia, 2003, C

II place – Setniewska Natalia, III – Kunicka Zuzia, 2002-2003, D

I place – Dobosz Iza, 2005 and younger, E

II place – Children Small Groups, “Time for Dance” National Dance Tournament, small groups, juniors, Legionowo 2014

IV place – Hip Hop Groups 11 y.o. and younger, Master Dance Cup, Warsaw 2013

I place – Kasia Gołąbek, Mokotów Sport Dance Disco and Hip Hop Championship Tournament, Warsaw 2013,

Ursynów Sport Dance Disco and Hip Hop Tournament, Warsaw 2013

I place – Zuzia Zawadzińska, C

I place – Oliwia Opara, D

II place – Kasia Gołąbek, Ola Zatyka, D


III place – Zuzia Kunicka, Debuts