Ballroom dancing for children

Latino and standard dances for children.

Video Clip Dance

Classes which combine different dance styles: hip hop, jazz, modern, breakdance.

Latin Jazz for children

A fusion of classic and Latino dance, with elements of acrobatics.

zajęcia taneczne dla par warszawa


One of standard dances, which teaches how to achieve harmony with the music and the partner through

Commercial Dance

A utilitarian dance, which can be used at any party. You will learn

Disney Dance

General development classes for the youngest children.

szkoła tańca wilanów


wilanów szkoła

nauka tańca dla dorosłych

Multidance Adults

Learn numerous dance styles: jazz, disco dance, rumba, salsa.

kurs tańca dla narzeczonych

Ballroom dances for single people

You don’t have a partner? No problem...

kurs tańca dla narzeczonych

Classes for affianced couples

Classes specifically for the soon-to-be married couples. During the four...

nauka tańca dla par

Individual classes

Learn any dancing style of your choice and improve your...

klub malucha warszawa

Dancing Ladybugs

Development of physical fitness and motor skills through participation in dance classes.

balet dla dzieci warszawa

Kids Dance

General development classes for the youngest children.

nauka tańca dla par

Salsa in pairs

A Latino adventure with the world’s most popular dance for two.

nauka tańca dla par

Ballroom dancing

Learn standard and Latino dances in order to be able to freely conquer the dance floor during any party.

nauka tańca dla dorosłych warszawa

Sexy Dance

Classes for women wishing to learn the secrets of seducing with dance and develop their body language.

salsa warszawa

Salsa Solo

Salsa is a great opportunity to improve the smoothness of your moves, develop expressiveness and sensuality in dance.

zajęcia taneczne dla dorosłych

Ladies Latino / Latin MIX

These classes were crafted specifically with women in mind. Learn basic steps

pokazy taneczne dzieci

Show Dance

A combination of various other dance styles, i.a. contemporary, jazz, and Latino dance.


Good fun combined with beneficial exercise. The children can casually learn...

nauka tańca dla dzieci warszawa

Modern Dance

Classes combining many dance techniques, i.a. hip-hop, funky, and jazz.

szkoła tańca wilanów

Dancing for Children

Classes combining numerous forms of the modern dance, like hip-hop or street dance.

Child Ballet

The classes have a positive influence on the movement co-ordination of and the child fitness.

klub malucha warszawa

Happy Butterflies

Dance-and-art.’s classes dedicated to children aged 2 to 3.

gimnastyka dla dzieci warszawa

Child Gymnastics

Secure the development of movement co-ordination and muscle memory of your child from an early age.